Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The ghost of Hopewell Rocks?

Just after inviting folks to submit ideas for guest posts a few days ago, I received this note from an anonymous reader about the possibility of ghost roaming around - not in an old Fundy sea captain's house but - on the beach at Hopewell Rocks no less! Check this out:

Five years ago, I was visiting Hopewell Rocks and saw a ghost, or something. I was walking along the low tide beach and saw a man caught up in a tangle of maybe barbed wire or driftwood (?). There were lots of people around but it seemd that no one else could see it. I literally shook my head and rubbed my eyes but it was still there! It disappeared when I walked toward it. It was incredibly unsettling. Have you ever heard of anyone having a similar experience?

Now I can't say as I have heard about a resident ghost at The Rocks. If you have, please feel free to comment!!


Anonymous said...

Hopewell Cape is known for haunted homes, lots of history, including a hanging that took three trials to get a right and proper Albert County verdict. (Contact the Albert County Museum for details.)

Best secret about the 'Rocks' is they plow the road down to the beach all winter and you can risk your life hiking around under the iced cliffs all winter for free.


shsch said...

Here's a great article about a visit to Hopewell Rocks that really gives the background to the rocks, the Bay of Fundy, and local legend. It's from the Sri Lankan Sunday Times.


Anonymous said...

OK. I'm coming out from California with a Moncton native and we're hoping that Jim is right about getting to the beach during winter. I'm a high school science teacher who just can't wait to see your wonderful tides. Any other places to recommend during the winter?