Saturday, December 24, 2011

Church bells sound around the bay on Christmas eve

A quick trip into Bay of Fundy's architecture archives reveals an interesting fact: many of our heritage churches were designed and built by shipbuilders

These churches were intended to be both prominent and permanent fixtures in communities, and, unlike their tall ship counterparts have weathered the test of time.

On Sundays (and on Christmas eve, for sure) church bells still ring from church towers in my town and in many other communities around the Bay...a tradition that warms the hearts of all who hear them.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of traditions, I've recently read something about a Nova Scotia Christmas tradition called "Mummers" or "Mummering"
Could you enlighten us on this and tell me, do they Mummer in Parrsboro?

Unknown said...

Hi Terry,
Our thanks must go out to those shipbuilders who designed such attractive churches.

Driving around Nova Scotia, one can't help but be struck by the beautiful places of worship, harkening back to ages past.

It's obvious these buildings were designed to be not only functional but beautiful, as well.

Leanne said...

In answer to Sally from NH, this link explains "mummers"

Broderick said...

We recently moved near
Baxter's Harbor aaaallll the way from Alberta and have truly fallen in love with the Bay Of Fundy and all her majesty! (((dramatic enough?))) She's a beautiful part of the world! Thank you 4 posting such interesting blog posts!
Merry Christmas!....Now,where shall we go tonight for a traditional Christmas Service...?