Saturday, December 13, 2008

We like our trees BIG here in Fundy

Most rural Bay of Fundy residents make an annual trek to the woods each December to chop a fresh tree for the holidays. Allergy issues aside, it's always great to see a 'real' tree...reminds me of the debate between our region's real maple syrup and fake 'table syrup'.

Great to see 'real' win over 'plastic' in the Fundy city of Saint John, New Brunswick as well. Check out this massive (3-storey high) fir tree outside the entrance to the New Brunswick Museum in courtyard of Market Square (Uptown Saint John) ~ now that's what I call one purdy Christmas tree!


Danielle said...

What a beautiful tree. A fantastic way to mark the entrance to an awesome museum.

Great Blog Terri

Cheers, Danielle
Quoddy Link Marine
St. Andrews, NB

Nerine said...

I walk by that tree all the time- it didn't even occur to me it would be real!

Nerine said...

I went by this tree the other day and instinctively reached out to touch it- and it's fake! They stuck real fir branches in as part of the decoration, but the tree itself is plastic!

Terri said...

ah no way!!! well, they fooled me...