Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Speaking of second...the 7Wonders results

The Bay of Fundy has been participating in a contest to declare the New7Wonders of Nature since June of 2008. The top Canadian site was announced this morning and it was Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta.

Big thanks to EVERYONE who rallied so enthusiastically to support Fundy in this initiative!!

Bay of Fundy benefited greatly from participation in this contest:

- we were accepted as one of only 5 Canadian sites into this prestigious contest. In order to even be considered, we had to make a case for why Fundy qualified to compete internationally and this was easily made.

- our region got international exposure on the New7Wonders website for 8 months while we participated

- when the votes closed last week we were sitting in the top 1/4 of all international nature tourism sites

- we raised awareness of the significance of the Bay of Fundy as one of Canada's top nature tourism destinations

- we've calculated about $300,000 in free media coverage of Fundy

- we've witnessed a 400% increase in visitation to our website

- we had a good time doing it !!

HUGE thanks to everyone who supported Fundy in this bid. Easy to see why the folks in our region have a reputation for being friendly, determined, clever and enthusiastic!!


Wendy Martindale said...

Kudos to you, Terri, for all your efforts to get the maximum from this opportunity. You're a great ambassador for our Bay!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Terri, you are a true Champion of the Bay of Fundy!

It is unfortunate that the BOF didn't win but the next question is: how do we support the other place in Canada that did win?

Terri said...

yes, yes, please vote for Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. Use this link:

Niagara Falls is also competing in the international category, as a site shared between Canada & the US so vote for them too!

Goooooo Canada!

Maria McGowan said...

Hi Teri, it's Maria from "The Right Coast Nova Scotia" blog. I am writing a post on 10 Outdoor Winter Activities, any come to mind for your area? Thx.
P.S. I love your reading your blog (subscribed on Google Reader).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links for the other sites, Terri!
You run an excellent blog!