Sunday, February 01, 2009

Out with the old, in with the new...lobster traps

For all that we locals joke about tourists' fascination with lobster traps (many have been purchased dockside and taken home to landlocked provinces and states to become coffee tables), I am kinda into them.

For example, I once made a flower box out of one (my petunias never looked better!) and I have spent a goodly amount of time photographing them - but the 'old' style wooden ones with the curved tops only - I'm a purist.

This is the first photo of the new metal mesh traps that has ever revealed itself to me. It was taken at my local wharf just after lobster season last month. Mmmmnh, not so painful....


Sarah O. said...

I just came here via Nancy Bond - this blog is wonderful! I love adding new blogs to my RSS feed.

Cheers, S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

I must admit to being a purist too, but you framed that shot beautifully....I can imagine sitting there, listening to the wind and the water, while my ice cream cone drips down my shirt!

Jaime at Cactus Rock New Media said...

Hi Terri,

I'm not much into lobster traps myself, but boy am I into lobsters. It's past lunch time here in T.O. and I just came across your post - it made me so hungry for lobster that I'll have to cook one soon. Better yet, I hope to visit asap and have one or two with you. It was great meeting you at Canada-e-Connect, too bad I basically had no time to chat with people more. But we'll have more chances I'm sure. See you in the blogosphere.

Jaime Horwitz

Terri said...

Thanks Jaime - it was an awesome conference. I returned more excited than ever about the official launch of our Bay of Fundy Travel Show for YouTube this spring... We are right on target!