Thursday, February 19, 2009

Surfers surf tidal bore in Wales

Did you know that the Bay of Fundy isn't the only place in the world have tidal bores? A tidal bore is the phenomenon caused when the outgoing flow of a river meets the incoming tide and causes the river to 'flow backwards'. The bore measurement is customarily the height of the waves caused when this happens.

We've got some very nice 10-15 foot bores here as 'part' of living with the world's highest tides but there are many other worldwide locations that are proud of their bores: the Severn Estuary in Wales being one of them.

I've not been there (yet) but I'm quite intrigued by the Severn's tidal bore. Ours comes in 2x every 24 hrs, every day, year round but the Severn's, apparently, comes in in a small way year round but is truly visible only about 25 days/year during the Vernal and Autumnal equinoxes (that's Feb-March-April, and Aug, Sept, Oct).

The time is NOW, if you happen to find yourself in Wales and want to trying surfing or kayaking it like the folks in this picture! Check out The Severn Bore's website.


Unknown said...

Hi there,
I'm one of the regular surfers. Check out these incredibe images of the February tide.

Also find out why it is under threat from a dam at

Regards to the good people of Fundy from the muddy folk on the Severn.
Stuart Ballard

David de Jong said...

Is the bore at Fundy surfable? If so, does anyone do so?



Terri said...

no, I don't think anyone surfs ours. It's a different kinda wave here - more like a series of waves and turbulence as the waves pass over the sandbars. Makes great zodiac rafting and extreme kayaking though!