Sunday, March 22, 2009

Visual art meets Bay of Fundy tides

It recently came to my attention that the famous UK visual artist Andy Goldsworthy visited Bay of Fundy and created some outdoor art here which he featured in his award-winning documentary video: Rivers & Tides. Andy is a brilliant sculptor, photographer and environmentalist, living in Scotland, who produces site-specific sculpture and land art in natural and urban settings. His art involves the use of natural and found objects; for Bay of Fundy this meant driftwood and the incoming tide.

I witness many beautiful sights year round, day and night in our bay but this Bay of Fundy portion of Rivers & Tides (filmed in just down the shore from where I live) absolutely took my breath away.

Review of the whole videos: "The theatrical phenomenon RIVERS AND TIDES depicts the magical relationship between art and nature. Gorgeously shot and masterfully edited."

Must have full DVD from Amazon!


Gordon said...

I have seen this film several times now. This scene, in particular never fails to move me. Thanks for sharing.

Austin D said...

Hi Terri
Some of your followers may be interested in this website

Olive Smithson said...

Hi Terri
I am very interested in Andy Goldsworthy and have studied him in school. I am from the Valley and was wondering if you know which beaches he created his work at?

you can reach me at

Terri said...

yes it's taken at Fox Point between Parrsboro & Port Greville, Nova Scotia side. There are two access points to that old Salmon hole - one on either side of the tidal estuary. view is over to Cape Split across Minas channel

Unknown said...

We are doing an installation along a river in Muncie, Indiana as an architecture class project which is inspired by Goldsworthy's work. I am from Nova Scotia and our family cottage is on the other side of Cape Split (Scott's Bay) so I was eager to know exactly where Goldsworthy was constructing his art. I see that on the map, it is Fox River and not Fox Point which is by Chester.

Terri said...

hi Karen, technically yes it is in the Fox River but the lookout and beach area that they were working on is also known to us locals interchangeably as Fox Point.
Sounds like a fun project!