Thursday, May 28, 2009

Go fetch!, Fundy style

I've often been asked if living by the world's highest tides effects people in any way...well, we could have a lengthy chat about that .... but I do think our coastal canines develop some interesting habits uncommon in their city counterparts.

Take, for example, my dog Belle: I've previously mentioned how she likes to fetch driftwood every time we have a bonfire, and also how she snurfles out ice pebbles in winter. She's also a pretty good judge of what's normal and abnormal about the rack line and she likes to swim year round in the Bay of Fundy.

One of the other things she does is play fetch at the beach, though not of sticks but stones. No stone-skipping in our family, no sirreee, every stone tossed into the water is cheerily retrieved by the little rascal. Here she is in action - can dogs smile? she sure looks pretty proud of herself!


Janet said...

Hi Terri: When the tide is out here at Hall's Harbour there is a thirty foor drop from the wharf to the harbour floor. I have never heard of any local dog falling or jumping off the wharf at low tide, but several years ago a "come from away" dog from Wolfville jumped off, breaking his leg in the process! Goes to show you that local dogs are aware of tide in and tide out and the inherent danger!

Terri said...

oh dear, that's funny...well not so funny for the dog but I can picture that happening.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

They don't call them 'retrievers' for nothing. I knew a dog like that, too. He'd stick his head way down into the water and bring back these boulders!