Saturday, October 08, 2011

Pumpkin Regatta this weekend!

Not only are our TIDES huge here in Bay of Fundy but so are our PUMPKINS. Pumpkins in Hants County, Nova Scotia, are so big that people just naturally want to cut off the tops, scoop out the seeds, hop in and race them in a Pumpkin Regatta!! well, why not!

This Pumpkin Regatta takes place every Thanksgiving Sunday (that's the 2nd weekend in October - earlier than U.S. Thanksgiving). I'll be joining about 10,000 people in downtown Windsor this weekend to watch up to 100 giant pumpkins parade through town then enthusiastically compete against each other in a paddle across the lake. Check out this episode of our Bay of Fundy Travel Show that we filmed at the race last year.

When you visit Windsor any time of year drop by Howard Dill's Pumpkin Farm: Howard is the world winning pumpkin grower who really put Windsor on the map and the family farm (source of all the giant pumpkin boats) is a delight to visit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Terri

It was indeed quite an affair.

I wonder if the Windsor Waterfront, aka Lake Pisiquid, aka Avon River would still be considered part of the Bay with the causeway blocking the tides?

Just a thought.

I enjoy your site and visit it regularly, as I do both the Minas Basin and the Bay.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Amazing that a pumpkin could grow big enough to be a boat !! [