Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Whales, beetles and strange Fundy-themed dreams

Once, after reading that the heart of a Blue Whale is the size of a VW Beetle, I had a dream that my Volkswagen beetle morphed into a whale....and then I thought 'why not', let's do it!

The Fundy Whale Car launches this Saturday, June 5, in Saint John, New Brunswick, at the Fundy Food Fest. It seemed only fitting that the whale car's 1st trip would be to sample fabulous Fundy cuisine!

There's going to be some fun curbside contesting with the Fundy Whale Car throughout the season, so watch for it in its travels throughout Nova Scotia & New Brunswick. Check out the car's website and join its facebook fan page for updates!

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Jen said...

I just saw this on the CBC website. Nice work!!