Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New tide time lapse video

Sometimes our visitors don't realize that it takes 6 hrs and 13 minutes for the Bay of Fundy's tides to go from high to low then from low to high. If visitors aren't able to stay to see the change from high to low that's where the magic of videography comes in handy.

Such as this time lapse videos like this one of Hopewell Rocks recently produced by my friend Kevin, who is an interpreter at "The Rocks".

Watch & be amazed!!


gayle said...

We stayed all day several years ago and so enjoyed watching!! My husband video tape it off and on!! Would love to go back some day!! Wondering if the little log cabin we stayed in is still there!!

K Smith said...

HELP...I am a school teacher in Fort Worth, Texas. On Tuesday I am teaching about tides and moon phases to grade 8 students. I would love to use your video, but am unable to get it to run. Could you email the video or a link to me??


(And I visited Nova Scotia about 10 years ago and fell in LOVE with the area! We actually did a tidal bore ride!)