Friday, May 20, 2011

Humphrey takes a hike!

The May long weekend (known as Victoria Day weekend in Canada) is a busy one around the Bay of Fundy. It's the weekend when many of our parks and attractions open for the season.

Humphrey the Fundy Humpback Whale Car and I were happy to be in St Martins, New Brunswick, today for the season opening of the Fundy Trail.

This is one of my favourite places around our bay: it's a coastal access network which includes a low-speed auto parkway with about a dozen scenic lookouts (Humphrey visits one in today's photo), 16 km of walking and/or cycling trail, footpaths to beaches and river estuaries, and an Interpretive Centre.

Take a video tour of the Fundy Trail in Episode # 9 of our Bay of Fundy Travel Show on YouTube.

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