Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Bay of Fundy video tour

I just came across this great new Bay of Fundy promo video on YouTube. It’s an excellent virtual tour of the New Brunswick side of the Bay…cool time lapse high-low video too. Take a look!


Anonymous said...

Terri are the images at the top of the page yours? The ones of high and low tide in the harbor. I would like to use the in a publication. Do you have a website?

Terri said...

Hi - all the still photos on my blog are mine except for a few submitted ones (that I credit to others). Most of the videos are mine. This particular video, as indicated is Tourism New Brunswick's. My 'day job'is Mgr of Bay of Fundy Tourism and our website is www.bayoffundytourism.com
or please feel free to email me at bayoffundy@gmail.com