Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sea kayaking at Hopewell Rocks, NB

Here's the last in my series of notes about sea kayaking businesses located in the Bay of Fundy in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Normally, I don't do 6 posts in a row on the same theme, but, truly, I couldn't possibly pick a favorite section of coast or a best kayak company - there is just so much out here to explore!

Baymount Outdoor Adventures is located at the well-known Hopewell Rocks, just along the coast from Moncton, New Brunswick.

At low tide, Hopewell Rocks provides excellent, staffed, interpreted and safe coastal access to a fun series of huge 'flower pot' rock formations (sometimes called sea stacks) via the exposed ocean floor.

At high tide, the best way to explore Hopewell Rocks is by sea kayak. Baymount's sea kayak excursions are about 2 hours long and are easy to moderate to participate in. This is a super 'first kayak', if you've never sea kayaked before! (If you'd rather not kayak, then try hiking the clifftop trails and watching the kayakers below).

By the way, owners, Richard & Kathy also offer guided caving expeditions in this part of the Bay of Fundy (and, in the winter, lead tours in Latin America!).

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Janet said...

Hi Terri: Found the article about your blog in today's Halifax Chronicle. I'm a neighbour from across the Bay - Hall's Harbour to be exact. You had been below my radar, despite the fact that I'm addicted to reading blogs and writing them too.
Am reading your posts with delight and going back through the archives, I really want to try a couple of the recipes - ginger biscotti for one! Yum!!
Have added your blog to my sidebar and will read you regularly now!