Friday, May 23, 2008

Sea kayaking - St Martins/Fundy Trail, NB

If you're yearning to explore the Bay of Fundy tidal waters off the coast of St Martins, New Brunswick, then take a look at kayaking with River Valley Adventures. These folks are located right on the wharf in the pretty village of St Martins.

St Martins has great sea caves that you can walk out to at low tide, then kayak to at high tide (see photo). St Martins is also home to the Fundy Trail - 10 km coastal hiking & biking trail (with great access points from a parellel low speed roadway). Mike's River Valley sea kayaking tours take you along the coast of the Fundy Trail to beaches that are only accessible by kayak - very cool!

If you are wondering where River Valley Adventures got its name (considering it's on the bay), you may be interested to know that, in spring and fall when he's not otherwise in Fundy, Mike offers lots of outdoor education programs for youth in the St John River Valley.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Great post Terri... From where we sit, we watch many of his tours paddling across the Quaco Bay... always so colorful!

Anonymous said...

John Kelley reporting in to say that River Bay Adventures has bought Mike Carpenter's equipment and will be operating tours out of St Martins in 2010.