Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"Friendly" Whales?

Just received this note & photo from Bay of Fundy whale watch operator, Tom Goodwin:

This season we had a few very interesting experiences with different humpback whales. 'Who's watching whom?' is the most relevant question. But also, is this good for the whales? ... Are they becoming too 'domesticated'?... is that bad or dangerous for the whales?... is our presence interfering with their normal position in their environment? .... or is it all part of 'evolution'? We whale watch operators are a conscientious lot and we like to think our activities watching whales do NOT
interfere with their behaviour, but when the whales express an interest in us, is that an interference? Hmmmmm

Learn more about Tom and his whale watching experience at Ocean Exploration "Zodiac" Whale Adventures, Tiverton, Nova Scotia

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