Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Seaweed anyone?

While we are on the topic of Bay of Fundy culinary delights, I feel compelled to share my love of one of our more unusual foods: dulse. Dulse is a natural sea vegetable (a fancy way of saying seaweed). It grows on the rocks at the low tide line in many areas of the Bay of Fundy. Dulse is best picked at the full and new moom tides (locals in my area call these "dulsing tides") each summer.

In most parts of Fundy it is hand picked then dried naturally, on beach rocks, by sea breezes under the summer sun. Dulse is sold year round in most corner stores, grocery stores and farm markets around the Bay of Fundy. I keep a small stash in the car and in my briefcase in case I get the munchies while traveling. Outside Atlantic Canada I often get funny looks from people while I chomp away on my seaweed snack!

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