Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bay of Fundy in November?

Just had these photos and a fascinating note from Trish at the Annapolis Historic Gardens in the town of Annapolis Royal on the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy...reporting dozens of unusual sights in the gardens for this time of year!

Nov. 13 - I had absolutely no intention of doing another Bloom Report for 2006, since the season is over. But then today happened, and well, it's just too nice out there not to share it with others! A member emailed me this morning and told me about some things she found as she walked the Gardens this weekend, including forsythia in the Victorian Garden. So naturally, I thought I should grab my camera and take a few photos. 193 shots later, I came home! The Gardens right now are like a magical treasure hunt... if you keep your eyes open and really explore the Gardens carefully, you'll discover all sorts of flowers, berries or other interesting colour and texture. ~ Trish

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