Friday, November 03, 2006

Bay of Fundy poetry

I'm sure that the Bay of Fundy is not the only dramatic seascape to inspire pen to paper! The first time I recall seeing the bay in poetry was Bliss Carmen's Low Tide on Grand Pre in high school English. Bliss Carmen, born in Fredericton, New Brunswick, was, at the time, Canada's best known poet.

Fundy poetry popped to mind recently when I met a come-from-away Parrsboro resident, Donna Sheehy, who just published a book of poetry called "Romancing on the Bay of Fundy: My Soul's Attraction".

Here is a sample of her Bay of Fundy poetry....

There is a rhythm in this place
with a gentle stillness and grace,
unlike anywhere I have been
it touches the soul from within.

The aroma of salt in the air
breezes whisper like a prayer,
alongside the pebbled beach
with blue skies endless reach.

The woodlands frame the coast
a wildlife haven for all to boast,
life is astir in this bountiful place
unharmed by society’s embrace.

Stand silent, face toward the sea
close your eyes and you’ll agree,
the rhythm of this beautiful Bay
will hypnotically lure you away.

"The Rhythm on the Bay"
by Donna Sheehy
Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved.

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Unknown said...

I love all writings of the is one of mine from Mary's Point:

The Bay
The Bay shows many faces, her wonders to behold
Sculpted from the ancient rock, and eternity’s undertow.
The key of G wrapped in foggy cloak
The peace of Cap Enrage
Where earth & sky become as one
Joined by rock and wood and sea..
Tis there my soul abides
Tis there that I must be.

Now as a magic lamp of God
Dost sparkle on the sea
Where briny birds cry and the eagle rides
The sky’s own mystery
A symphony of greens call out
In multi colored hue
The driest eye within the heart
Where rivers run anew…

The energies of the countless souls
Haunted echoes of the past
The freedom road and heavy load
Life seeks it’s needed path.
Yet children find moonlight and moss
On ancient climbing trees.
Where the midnight wind and the bars’
Moan tends, the heart’s flow as the tide
Cross Fundy’s ancient longing
Tis there I must abide.

Can a heart pretend or a mind comprehend
That you behold but cannot be
At heaven’s gate the colors blend
In life’s sweet symphony
A single bird sings it’s heart's refrain
As sunlight fades to sea
My soul at rest from eternal quest
And I am that I must be.