Monday, January 08, 2007

A different type of tidal "energy"

Just had a note from the folks who operate Inn on the Cove & Spa in Saint John on the New Brunswick side of the Bay of Fundy witnessing another type of tidal energy...

Since the inn first opened some 15 years ago, a regular Scottish guest maintains the area is magical. He says the Druid lines of force intersect close to the property creating a powerful and magical strength. No matter what one might believe, it is clear that the tides have an enormous influence on us and our guests at the inn.

The pulse of the tides effect our total environment here. Every six hours and 20 minutes, more than 100 billion tonnes of water rush in or out of the bay with an energy that can be felt as well as seen.
The very geology and complete environment of our area is affected by this power.

Winter weather can produce 'dragon's breath' or clouds of 'sea smoke' roiling and boiling off the surface of the massive tidal panorama. During warm summer days, cold waters of the Bay of Fundy sometimes generate fog that swirls and spills like airborne rivers over headlands and islands to cloak the area in a cotton-like blanket of mystery. Nearby the rapidly flowing St. John River also is stopped and reversed at high tide as bay waters roar inland twice daily.

The mighty tides of the Bay of Fundy influence both beauty and wellness our inn & spa on the edge of this incredible body of water. Stones smoothed by the bay's tidal energy and marine nutrient based aesthetic products are used for a special Bay of Fundy massage therapy unique to Inn on the Cove. Such treatments were first used successfully by ancestral peoples and the benefits are now being recognized and repeated.


Unknown said...

Terry, this is a lovely site! I'd like to add it to my links on bloomingwriter, because we share a fascination in the mighty body of water we both live by.

If you've never been to Inn on the just gotta go. Ross and Willa are exquisite hosts, and everything about the place is magical, whether there are Druids involved or not. The rooms...the view...the dining...the SPA...instant stress release!

cheers, jodi

Terri said...

Hi Jodi,
Yes I certainly have been to Inn on the Cove. It's lovely! Thanks for your note. Do keep in touch from the other side of the Bay!