Monday, January 15, 2007

OpenHydro's in-stream turbine pics

Sourced these photos of OpenHydro's style of turbine. The above-surface platform shown on the one photo is primarily for demonstration purposes (to raise & lower the turbine) and would not be in the final 'field' of turbines. They would be fully submerged (like the other photo).

OpenHydro's turbines resemble giant fans with the blades connected to a rotor which spins slowly inside the structure as water flows through. Electricity is generated as the rotor turns past a magnet generator on the outer rim of the structure.

The whole "fan" is anchored to the ocean floor, and no dam is required. The speed and volume of water passing through the area, depth and geology of the seabed and distance to a grid connection determine the cost and output of its turbines.


Sharon said...

Hi Terrie, First I must say I'm very excited about your site. I am a grade 2/3 teacher who is taking a Masters of Ed. at Mount Saint Vincent University. I am working on an Independent Study for a Social Studies unit to suppliment the grade two unit called Changes. This will focus on the Bay of Fundy. I have taught at many schools along the Bay and have discovered how little students know about this incredible lcoation. My intention is to offer lessons on how the people, environmnet (and its isues), economy and technology have changed with regards to the Bay. Recently I was researching tidal power and was linked to your site. Its informative and up to date. Bravo! I'll be back. Sharon

Anonymous said...

My name is Marcel, and funny as it might be, perhaps day dreaming, but I believe(convince) I know how to harness the Bay of Fundy to produce all the power needed (a lots of power)Unbelievable!!!!