Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Introducing the mudflats

Last, but not least among the five types of Bay of Fundy beaches, allow me to present the often under-appreciated mud flat. Personally I think there is nothing better than Fundy's red/brown mud sklooshing up to swallow my running shoe or, even better, slicing between barefoot toes. Em, don't look took closely at the mud though - there are microscopic shrimp in there, a critical food source for our migratory shorebirds!


Rich said...

Terri, I'm insanely jealous!!
Terrific pictures.
I've just gotta get across the short bit of pond separating me & you!
(or drive the long way aroond)

Thanks for the pix!!

Steph said...

I was in Newfoundland last week and couldn't figure out what was "missing" on the beach - then I figured it out - there was no seaweed drying on the rocks well above the water line.

My dad grew up in the Parrsboro area but moved to St. George, NB over 40 years ago. I think I visited Second beach with my parents a few times.


Booklogged said...

Terri, it was great to have you comment on our blog. I read your blog regularly before our trip. I'm hoping I took the time to comment. I can't wait to read more in depth when we get home. Time on the internet is short now. I loved our day at Hopewell Rocks.

Terri said...

oh wow that's great that you read my blog before your trip. I hadn't really thought about peoples using it as a trip planning tool 'cause it's a bit random. Well, I suppose anything that helps us all see our environments with our eyes wide open is a good thing! Terri