Monday, February 25, 2008

Introducing Ginger .... a Bay of Fundy Favourite!

Ginger came to the Bay of Fundy during the great Age of Sail in the late 1700s/early 1800s when ships from our harbours regularly voyaged to the Caribbean and other ginger-growing areas of the world. Although ginger doesn't grow in our temperate climate it's maintained a close association with our region for generations.

Historically, dry ginger was used as a preservative, medicine and food spice by early immigrants from France and the U.K. Eventually ginger (in powdered, preserved and candied forms) found its way into breads, pies, cakes, marmalades, baked beans, ginger chocolates and even ice cream. As I child I didn't often encounter fresh ginger but I'm sure early tasting favourably disposed me later toward ethnic meals which feature ginger as a central ingredient. Now I use ginger in its many forms - traditional, new and zany.

Speaking of zany... if you're a ginger fan, check out the really great ginger products offered by The Ginger People. These folks are in Australia and California but, truly, produce some of the best ginger products on the planet! Gins-gins and other GP treats are available in many locations around the Bay of Fundy or online. (image of the Ginger Guy borrowed from the Ginger People website!)

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