Friday, June 27, 2008

A sample of dyked farmland - Shepody Marsh

Further to my last post about dyked farmland around the Bay of Fundy, here's a great view of reclaimed land, the Shepody Marsh, in Albert County, New Brunswick. I snapped this photo just as I stepped out of my car on Route 114 between Hopewell Rocks and Riverside-Albert.

If you get your magnifying glass out for this photo you may even be able to see the teeny tiny cows grazing happily in the fertile fields. There's also a ridge of dyke cresting the top edge of this picture where the fields meet Chignecto Bay (one of Fundy's two smaller upper bays).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Terri - I recognize this image as one of my favourite Albert County scenes. I never tire of seeing the many moods of the fields in all seasons. The farmlands these dykes created constantly amaze me with the richness and vibrancy of life that exists here.

A section of the NB Trail starts
in Riverside-Albert at the junction of Routes 114/915 and gives walkers and bikers the opportunity to experience both the wonder of the dykes, the rise/fall of the Fundy tides, observations of bald eagles, turkey vultures and hawks (among others!) and some of our most noteworthy historic structures - such as the Old Bank Museum at the trailhead, our old train station (now a private home), the Riverside-Albert School and the Sawmill Creek Covered Bridge. As well, the marsh road that criss-crosses the trail allows for hours of meanderings through this very special landscape.