Monday, August 18, 2008

A boy's life on the Bay

I'm in St Andrews, New Brunswick, for a few days this week and had the chance to go out on the water tonight in search of whales. Sometimes Fundy sends you what you weren't expecting though...sure, we found whales, but I was as much intrigued by a few other classic Bay of Fundy coastal images.

Take this one: a small boy perched on the prow of his family's small fishing boat as it motored across the sunset. Doing nothing by some boys' definition but everything by others'. Just an ordinary night on the water among the islands of Passamaquoddy Bay ... and it made me smile.


Anonymous said...

St. Andrews is where we are moving
to on August 29th!
Maybe the next time you are there
you could drop in on us.
Since we are in packing mode, I will soon loose my computer for a bit, but I look forward to
'doing nothing - by definition' myself in the Bay of Fundy.


Terri said...

hey wow, that's really cool ... St Andrews is awesome. Send me a note when you get settled!