Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lennie Gallant sings about Bay of Fundy

I've been thinking that our plight to have the Bay of Fundy in the Top 7 in the New7Wonders of Nature international contest would benefit from a theme song. Fortunately, well known singer/songwriter Lennie Gallant has just the song: "Pull of The Fundy Tide" and he's delighted to have us use it during the 7Wonders campaign. Thanks Lennie!!

I'm blushing because I've been a fan of Lennie's music for ages and I think it's sweet of him to lend a hand to our very worthwhile cause.

Lennie has released seven albums (six in English and one in French) which have won him a host of awards and nominations from the JUNO Awards, East Coast Music Awards and Gala des Prix √Čloizes. Over 30 artists have recorded his songs, including Jimmy Buffett, who recently invited Gallant to perform it onstage with him. His songs have also appeared in feature films, television series, and in numerous theatrical productions. Gallant has toured all over North America and in Europe with his band, in acoustic settings, and/or with symphony orchestras. I've seen him in concert several times.

And, this is cool: Lennie is a Member of the Order of Canada, our highest honour for a civilian!

"Pull of the Tides" (order it from iTunes) is from Lennie's Live album. Check out some sample tunes and videos on his website.

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Layton Bennett said...

Great Blog Terri, but I can't seem to find anything here about ship building. This was once the greatest shipbuilding area in the world and Nova Scotia once had the second largest merchant marine in the world. Places like Port Greville and of course Spencers's Island built some of the toughest ships from the age of sail and of course the famous Mary Celeste. I would love to read some more. A great place to cover would be the Age of Sail Interpretive Center in Port Greville, Nova Scotia, partway between Parrsboro and Advocate. Cheers!