Friday, August 29, 2008

Purple heather in the marsh

I seem to have a bit of a Scottish theme running in my blog this month: first the wild thistle post then the Cullen Skink recipe, and now, purple heather!

On my beach walk this evening I noticed that our purple heather is starting to bloom. Heather also grows wild in Scotland (if you don't believe me check out famous Scot, Rod Stewart's version of the traditional tune, Purple Heather, on YouTube). Here around the Bay of Fundy it only blooms in the fall, whereas I think in Scotland it blooms both spring and fall.

Our wild heather doesn't grow as much on hills but rather around Fundy salt marshes and it's 99.8% purple, with rare glimpses of bright pink. White heather is rare both here and in Scotland, where a sprig of it is said to bring good luck. Keep your eyes peeled!


Jeff White said...

Love the shots of Sea Heather, one of my favourite seaside plants. Not related to real Scotish heather at all, but a nice substitute, I think.
And Terr1... nice to see you in the Hants Journal this week!

Unknown said...

Terri, thanks for all the useful info and pics in your blog. Me, my wife and our lil dog are planning a last minute trip to NS this week for 3-6 days from NYC where we live. We have never been to NS and are not from the Northeast so it will all be new for us. Thanks again for the nice read and ideas for places to visit. - Ben -