Monday, August 04, 2008

This beach will make you cry

Perhaps I should have a category on my blog for "Bay of Fundy beaches so beautiful they make you cry" but I suppose this topic permeates this blog anyway. of the lesser known aspects of Fundy is the variety and extraordinary beauty of the beaches. Unlike regular coasts, our 5x-higher-than-anywhere-else tides create some exquisite beachscapes.

You can see that Fundy provided an unusual perch from which I viewed its vast expanse of low tide beach at Medford, NS. I recommend walking our sandstone beaches in bare feet...a natural pedicure, true, but also a way of exploring the beach with your full senses, which will get you closer to the crying part. (P.S. white pants not generally recommended!)


Anonymous said...

Hello Terri!
Lori Lynch from the Gillespie House in Parrsboro suggested I send you a note about one of the most fabulous vacations my husband and I have ever had.
She thought it would be great if we could spread the word that anyone can absolutely find great adventures and have a blast - all from Parrsboro!
My husband and I are from the Halifax area and we wanted to stay close to home for our summer break this year due to the high costs of travel right now.
We spent 5 nights at the incredible Gillespie House (which we are recommending to everyone we know!)and shared our daily outings with Lori each day at breakfast.
On Day 1, on our way into Parrsboro, we stopped and hiked the Devil's Bend trail in Economy. We were so impressed with the quality of the trail (how well maintained it was) and the vistas were beautiful.
Day 2, we drove out to Cape Chignecto and mountain biked a 40km loop on the old Eatonville Rd out to Spicer's Cove and back around on the highway.
Day 3, we set out to Cape Chignecto again with the intent to hike to Refugee Cove and back, but the day turned so sunny and beautiful we kept on going right to the Cape. 30km later back at the car we were totally exhausted but agreed that after hiking the Grand Canyon last year, the trail leading out and back from Cape Chignecto was # 2 on our list for the best hiking ever. Especially sine the park and trails are maintained by volunteers!
Day 4 - driving back and forth on the "mini Cabot Trail" between Parrsboro and Cape Chignecto, we decided it might be fun to bike the rollar coaster road. We loved it and went 100km round trip from Gillespie House to Cape Chignecto park entrance. The views were beautiful, there wasn't too much traffic and the grueling uphills after Port Greville were made fun by the fast downhills!
Day 5 - our last day and our legs were feeling it, but there was one last adventure on our list. We went back to Economy and hiked the Kenomee Canyon trail. We did the full 21km loop which includes a small part of the Escarpment and Devil's Bend Trail. It was so unique - truly a wilderness trail with many kinds of forest to wander through.
Each night we returned to the luxury of Gillespie House and we were very satisfied with the restaurants in town, especially Bare Bones. We also enjoyed meals at the Boulliabaise and Harbourview Restaurants.
We had so much fun we are thinking of returning next summer to find more adventures in this great area of our province.

Emily Huner
Bay of Fundy Fan Forever!

Terri said...

Oh wow, Emily, that's awesome! sounds like you really had an amazing trip. If there is one good thing that may come out of folks staying closer to home this summer it's got to be the possible discovery something new, something surprising, something amazing right here in our own provinces.