Tuesday, August 05, 2008

This beach will make you laugh

Now here's an instance of the Bay of Fundy mud looking so red that it might confuse a few of our visitors. Some could even think it looks rather like the surface of Mars where, say, someone like Marvin the Martian would vacation....I just happened to be in the area when I snapped this lucky shot of our little Looney Tunes friend relaxing at the beach.

On a completely unrelated note, scientists recently found water on Mars. Coincidence? I think not!


Leanne said...

LOL...Terri, that is so cute...nice pictures too by the way

Gretchen McCulloch said...

This post made me laugh till I cried!

NEAQ said...

Hi Terri,
Great blog! Thought you might be interested in the New England Aquarium Right Whale Research Program's summer activities out of Lubec. They're posting regular updates including pictures and conservation information here.

You can talk back to the researchers and ask them questions about what's going on with the whales. You can also see their stylish dining room :)