Friday, November 07, 2008

High - low tide Parrsboro harbour

Some people collect tea cups. Some people collect coins. I collect sets of high-low tide pictures of the Bay of Fundy....I suppose it has to do with always wanting to have images at hand to share with visitors who don't have time to stay for the 6 hrs between high and low tide. I was just cleaning out my massive collection of Fundy photos (over 2000 in 08 -- eek!) when I came across this high-low tide set of the Parrsboro, Nova Scotia wharf. It's a classic boats-on-the-dry-ocean-floor-at-low tide Fundy image but I never get tired of seeing it....and neither do our visitors!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pictures!! They have some really good ice cream there at The Pier Restaurant too!!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! I was at the pier with a 88m cargo ship "Brita Dan"
in 1963.
Wonderfull place
Wonderfull people
Gens de Mer

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I never get tired of it.
Beautiful Photos. My husband remembers when the train still ran into Parrsboro. He's been going there since the thirties.
We still love it.

Anonymous said...

This is all very interesting, but it would sure be nice to know how much difference in height there is between low and high tides. Yes, it looks impressive, but how impressed should I be?


Terri said...

ah that's a very fair question this particular wharf the measurement from the bottom of the wharf to the top is about 35 feet. The bottom of the wharf is already sitting around 10 feet above the lowest of the tides (further off shore) so that brings the elevation to around 45 feet (give or take a few feet on any given day - the tides are higher at certain times of year and certain times of moon phase). The official high tide measurement for Fundy is 53 ft at Burncoat Head, across the Minas Basin section of Fundy from Parrsboro (where this pic was taken!)