Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby 'christening' in Bay of Fundy?

I was visiting Hopewell Rocks this week when I came upon this couple 'dipping' their baby's toes in the Bay of Fundy. It turns out they are former residents of the Maritimes who now live in Ontario but wanted to be sure to give their little girl a taste of Bay of Fundy on her first trip home this summer. Starting that east coast salt running in her veins ~ cute!


Unknown said...

Thanks for this interesting blog on my most favorite (and intimidating body of water).

Have just discovered it, but will definitely keep checking in to see what's new.


Anonymous said...

For decades my family have brought their babies to the Bay of Fundy (aka "beach") to dip their feet so as to tie the knot to home. As adults, when we leave and return we also dip our feet. For over fifty years I have gone to the beach (Parrsboro) in the summer time and reconnected to the extended family and the salt, frigid waters of the bay. It holds a strong place in my heart, my history and my culture. Thanks for the blog, will keep an eye on it while the snow falls.