Thursday, April 01, 2010

Coastal break-up Fundy style!

No I'm not talking about relationship breakups (tho' with the amount of coast we have, no doubt some of those have happened on our beaches too!). Rather, here's an interesting guest post from my fellow blogger, Ryan (Annapolis Royal Heritage blog).

Hey Terri, knowing you're fascinated by unusual sights on our coast, so I thought you'd be interested in this excerpt from a recent series of blog posts about a scallop dragger that ran aground and beached at Parker's Cove last week.

After attempts to get the scallop dragger "Patpa's Boys" floating again were unsuccessful, a decision was apparently made that the boat should be broken up. This is, of course, the safe thing to do since there is no need for someone to accidentally get injured crawling around on the disabled boat. There is also no need to add to the already abundant flotsam which floats about the Bay of Fundy. By the time that I arrived all of the equipment and trawl had been removed from the boat and the excavator was breaking up the hull. The bow had been dragged to the high water mark so that the incoming tide would not carry it away.

With new draggers being made of fiberglass, boats with this type of wooden hull construction are becoming a rarity. At 15-20 years old, the
Papa's Boys was actually one of the younger wooden boats in the Digby scallop fleet. Many of the wooden boats would be over 30 years old.

Ironically, the spot where the bow was sitting was used as a shipyard in the 1980s.

To read more about the journey of Papa's Boys and other interesting history from the Annaypolis Royal region of Nova Scotia, visit Ryan's blog.

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