Thursday, April 15, 2010

New7Wonders special guest visits Bay of Fundy!

It's been a very exciting week here on Canada's Bay of Fundy: we're hosting a special guest from the New7Wonders Foundation in Switzerland! As many of my regular readers will know, the Bay of Fundy is now representing Canada in the global campaign to declare the New7Wonders of Nature.

The winners will be decided by popular vote with the announcement on 11.11.11.

New7Wonders Director, Jean-Paul de la Fuente is here for a few day of meetings to discuss the opportunities for Bay of Fundy on the worldwide stage now that we are one of 28 international finalists, but we can't resist showing off a couple of well-known Fundy locations.

Pictured here is our VoteFundy for Canada flag raising on the low tide ocean floor yesterday at Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick.

If you'd like to support Canada's Bay of Fundy in the campaign, you can VOTE HERE and join our Bay of Fundy for New7Wonders facebook group!

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