Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fundy Fun at Hopewell Rocks

My colleague Shelley and I had the chance to take in the annual Saltscapes Travel Show in Halifax, NS, last weekend and, wow, while there we got to hold up Hopewell Rocks! Naw, actually this was just a fun display by NB Tourism. The real Hopewell Rocks are much taller and heavier than these cool styrofoam replicas.

The Hopewell Rocks are definitely on my list of interesting Bay of Fundy places to explore. It's an excellent location for seeing the dramatic difference between the two tidal extremes: at low tide you can walk on the ocean floor in and around these towering sea stacks (often called Flower Pots) then at high tide six hours later the same formations are transformed into tall islands. As with most Bay of Fundy coastal areas, you absolutely must plan to see it at high and low tide to fully appreciate it! Luckily most attractions, including Hopewell Rocks, post accurate tide times to assist visitors with their trip planning.

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