Sunday, May 13, 2007

New book about Grand Manan Island

Longtime blog readers will recall my previous posts about Bay of Fundy weirs, dulse, herring, salt and clams and will therefore not be surprised at my most recent book discovery: Rhythm of the Tides: The Fisheries of Grand Manan by Tim Peters. Tim's book is a striking visual journey through the cycle of fisheries on Grand Manan Island. Seventy-five color photographs illustrate the courage and determination of islanders pursuing their livelihood in the island's intertidal zones and in the surrounding waters of the lower Bay of Fundy.

The following review exerpt from The National Post says it perfectly: “The material is nothing new—we’ve all seen cute boats and lighthouses before—but through Peters’ lens, the clich├ęs of east-coast Canada become strangely exotic and alluringly beautiful!” I've been pouring through my copy over and over again since I got it last week - it will easily become a favourite Fundy book!

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