Monday, May 28, 2007

Road to nowhere?

The Bay of Fundy tides can produce some interesting sights: take this one for example...A naive observer may wonder why this beach road clearly leads into the Bay. This is the road to the fish weir (see other photo) which enables low tide truck access across about a half mile of intertidal zone. As the tide recedes the weirmen drive over to fetch their herring and mackeral. Their acute awareness tide times ensures that they are off the beach before the tide comes back in to make a mystery of their access road. If their truck stalled down at the weir it would be covered with about 35 feet of water at high tide!

I took this photo at Partridge Island, only about 3 km from Parrsboro. I'll get back down to the beach when the tides are right to get a photo of the weir at low tide. It's pretty cool!

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