Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Curious Grey Seal Rescue

I'm not sure who was more curious during this recent rescue: the rescuers or the rescuee. Last Sunday a large grey seal was spotted hiking along the roadside on highway 2 about 10 km north of the Bay of Fundy. Although it is not uncommon for seals to take a landward jaunt it was quickly determined that this seal would fare better back in its saltwater home.

Several local folk came to the rescue; a fisheries officer worked with fishermen and RCMP officers to lure the seal safely onto a tarpaulin. The adult seal (about 6 ft long and 400 lbs) was then lifted into a tractor bucket and returned to the Parrsboro harbour by a local farmer. Once at the beach the rescuers released the seal into the harbour.

Much to the delight of a newly assembled crowd of well-wishers the seal appeared not to have suffered from its excursion. It swam calmly for about 15 minutes in the inner harbour before heading out into the open waters of the bay.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That's the weirdest thing. The seal took to the road? Lucky for him that things worked out well.