Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sussex Golden Ginger Ale - a Fundy original!

While I'm on the topic of ginger & the Bay of Fundy, you may be interested to know that our easy access to ginger in the late 1800s resulted in several ginger ale bottling plants popping up throughout the region.

Ginger ale comes in two varieties: golden ginger ale and dry ginger ale. Golden ginger ale, dark colored and strong flavored, is the older style. Dry ginger ale was developed during prohibition when ginger ale was used as a mixer for alcholic beverages because the strong flavor of golden ginger ale was undesirable. Dry ginger ale quickly surpassed golden ginger ale in popularity, and today golden ginger ale is an uncommon, and usually regional, drink.

Although I'm not sure that fresh ginger's many health benefits translate to soda pop, we all grew up having it prescribed for many childhood illnesses (flat, de-fizzed ginger ale if you were really sick!). Well, at the very least, it cheered us up by tasting great!

I'm delighted to report that there is still one Golden ginger ale available here that originated here: in the town of Sussex, New Brunswick. If you find yourself visiting the Bay of Fundy, look for Sussex Golden Ginger Ale in all corner stores!


Steph said...

Sussex Golden Gingerale is the best isn't it?

And ginger is great for curing "what ails ya!". When my hubby gets sick, I make ginger "tea" for him by boiling sliced ginger and serving it with honey and lemon juice.

Anonymous said...

It's always disappointing when all a store or restaurant carries is Canada Dry or Schweppes — even though it's now made by Cadbury-Schweppes (according to the font of all knowledge, Wikipedia). Sussex is the one.

Scott said...

I am from the US and I usually dont like ginger ale but I tried sussex and it became my favorite very quickly. Unfortunately it is not sold here in the states.

Bruce said...

I am looking for a copy of a television ad from the mid 60's for Sussex Golden ginger ale. It was shot at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax and included Gurgles the Clown and several children. One of those kids grew up to be my wife. Any help?