Saturday, June 21, 2008

Exploring Cape d'Or Lighthouse

Here's a post that can easily fit in both the 'lighthouse' and 'places to eat' categories of my blog: the Cape d'Or Lighthouse. Cape d'Or is one of the best places to see Fundy's tidal rips: wild, upwelling tidal currents.

The site also offers a panoramic view of the upper part of the Bay of Fundy in the exact location where it splits into its two smaller bays: Chignecto Bay and the Minas Basin. And, even better, there is an amazing restaurant in one of the former lightkeeper's houses (the other house is used as a tourist guest house!).

Here a fun video of Darcy, the operator of the restaurant and guest house describing what makes Cape d'Or so cool.

Although the lighthouse was de-staffed in 1989 (automated), there's been a fog whistle at Cape d'Or since 1875 to warn mariners of the Cape's extreme tidal rips. Now the site is a great reward for those who take the time to drive 20 minutes up the dirt road from the nearby village of Advocate Harbour, Nova Scotia. One caution though: the cliffs are quite extreme here, ranging from 300 to 500 feet sheer vertical drop so this is not a great place to visit with little kids.


Anonymous said...

Here are some pictures of Our Thatcher Island Lighthouses called the "Twin Lights"

Unknown said...

Hi Terry,
I was glad to find your blog again. We were just down to Cape D'or last weekend. Those red cliffs are so inspiring!! Makes one believe a pirate ship could drift in and dock.

What's the story on the "Ghost Hollow" sign on the way to Spencer's Island? Is that where the ghost ship has been sighted?

I hope to get down to Parrsboro again this year. Maybe we will run into each other.