Saturday, June 07, 2008

Rhubarb's going crazy!

Conditions around the Bay of Fundy are absolutely perfect for growing rhubarb and this year, especially, our rhubarb is going crazy - I've got some stalks that are over 2 feet long!

After the wild harvest of fiddleheads a couple weeks ago, rhubarb is the first 'edible' from most people's spring gardens. Indeed, rhubarb is the perfect cool weather perennial for our region. It prefers at least 2 months rest in frozen winter ground (under a blanket of snow - even better), slightly acidic soil, and lots of sun & rain in spring. I also have a theory that rhubarb loves fog!

Winter freeze-up of its roots makes rhubarb immune to most pests and diseases so it's an ideal candidate for organic growing. I do absolutely nothing to my rhubarb and it faithfully produces more stocks than we can eat each spring! Took this photo in the garden today...


Nekonezume/Katie C. said...

Hi Terri - Our rhubarb is coming in nicely, too! My dad just baked a delicious rhubarb pie about an hour ago!

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

Rhubarb baking has been going on at The Nelson House Bed and Breakfast in Stewiacke in preparation for the Ravenous for Rhubarb festival held in Stewiacke this weekend June 13th - 15th. Our bed and breakfast is hosting a tea on Saturday so I have been busy making desserts! Come in for a visit if you get a chance.