Friday, June 13, 2008

Saint John favourite places

I enjoyed the first really summery summer night this week while in the "Fundy city", Saint John, New Brunswick. It was a perfect night for a walk along Harbour Passage and the Hilton hotel boardwalk on the waterfront.

I don't have a category on my blog for favourite places around the Bay of Fundy to enjoy a Guiness but if I did then the Brigantine Pub in the Saint John Hilton (at end of the boardwalk on the right side of my photo) would be the spot. The Brig's outdoor deck overlooks the bustling harbour, where coast guard vessels, tug boats, tour boats and even cruise ships come and go. At the Brig the glasses are frosted, the staff is delightful and the Guiness is fresh off the boat from Ireland!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post Terri. I've been meaning to visit Saint John .. been in the Maritimes now for 6.5 years and STILL haven't gotten around to it. Our company opened up the Hampton Inn in Saint John and I can't wait to go check it out as well as the city.

You make the city sound so delightful to explore!